Certificate Program

Each veterinarian that participates in our program offers a different discount. It is important to contact the vet to find out the final cost of the surgery. The veterinarians give a goodwill discount, it is a service they provide through SpayUSA to help end pet overpopulation.

How much does a coupon/certificate cost?

We send out information about your nearest participating veterinarian on a slip/certificate which costs you nothing! It does cost us something to find the programs, to take the call, to send out the slips, and to run this program so we would appreciate a small donation if you are able to send one. However, we never have, and never will, charge for this service. It is a public service designed to end pet overpopulation nationwide, and we - and you - are part of this effort. Clients are required to pay the veterinarian directly, at the time of service.

How do I obtain a coupon/certificate?

You can obtain a certificate by calling our toll-free number 1-800-248-SPAY or filling out the online registration form on our website.

What do I do when I get the certificate?

The certificate we mail you will give you the address, phone number and name of the veterinarian nearest you. When you receive the certificate call the vet or clinic to make an appointment and find out pricing. You will pay for service at the time of your appointment.

Does the certificate expire?

While there is no "expiration date" on our certificates, we encourage people to use them as soon as possible. It is easy to put off making an appointment, but it only takes a minute of carelessness to have a litter of kittens or pups.