Transport Vans: Humane Alliance

Our Goal:

The goal of Humane Alliance is to reduce future generations of unwanted animals through the non-lethal solution of surgical sterilization. In addition, by requiring rabies vaccinations at the time of surgery, we hope to help control the incidence of rabies in WNC.

About Our Transport Van:

Our success rate in working with other animal welfare groups is well proven; we have provided service to dozens of groups in western NC alone. We require that authorized representatives from nonprofit organizations visit our facility before they become active participants in our transport program. (Please contact Humane Alliance for a Transport System Contract.)

We target the groups working in counties that show need and establish a relationship to facilitate provision of services. This transport service is free. Our transport unit is operated Monday through Thursday for 22 different counties in western North Carolina. The unit picks up scheduled patients at a pre-arranged location, which is supervised by a local humane organization. The patients are brought to our facility for surgery and returned to the drop-off location the next day. In addition, the Humane Alliance subsidizes the cost of every surgery.

The purpose of this service is to bring the animal welfare organizations together in a collaborative effort to reduce animal shelter deaths and humanely control abandoned animal populations. We want to reduce the number of homeless animals being born and prevent deaths from euthanasia by decreasing the number of animals being taken into shelters. We hope to make this service available to as many people as possible; surgical sterilization is the responsible solution to the pet overpopulation dilemma.

Other Examples:

Operation SPOT, MO