Stationary High Volume Spay/Neuter Clinic:

A key tool in the war on overpopulation, the fixed site clinic focuses on providing spaying and neutering services at affordable or low-cost rates. Generally, these clinics do not provide other medical services. Their rates are kept low because they are able to efficiently and effectively spay or neuter in large numbers by using the latest techniques such as the small incision. For a definition of quick-spay techniques see Spay/Neuter Dictionary. There are several high volume clinics that do 80 to 100 spay/neuters per day, making a real dent in the number of unwanted litters in their region. Most of these clinics are located in areas with a human population of 250,000 and up.

Some affordable (mobile) spay programs are set up by veterinarians who want to be part of the solution to the problem of animal overpopulation, others are set up by private shelters, or by animal control programs that seek to address the pet surplus at its roots.

Mobile spay clinics can include customized vehicles or trucks, RV's, vans or mobile homes retrofitted with surgery table and light, recovery cages, anesthesia machines and autoclaves. For an in-depth look at mobile clinics around the country and how they operate, please click here to download a free copy of "A Guidebook To Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinics".

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