Easy to Administer Feral Cat Spay Program

1. Form or work with a 5013 group that can:

  • Create tracking forms (we can provide models)
  • Set up and run a phone line for the project (use a voice mail system that can be accessed from various volunteers' homes
  • Find trappers/ transporters
  • Find veterinarians or a clinic to do affordable s/n including a rabies shot
  • Obtain an insurance policy ($1 million coverage)
  • Ensure that cats are cared for post-op and long term - provide guidelines
  • Work out guidelines and procedures for all foreseeable contingencies

Ask that one person represent the group when requesting funds from local agencies or foundations or corporations. Officials do not like to hear from several people from one group. Keep it simple.

2. Write a contract to outline the agreement if you can connect with public health or animal control. They may be able to provide funding if their goals coincide with yours (e.g. Public Health is devoted to preventing rabies outbreaks and other health crises in communities - their Director is aware of the advantages of prevention as opposed to reacting to a bad situation.)

  • Tracking forms to be submitted annually or semi-annually
  • Group is given a grant to cover:
    • telephone line (about $400 annually plus setup charge)
    • purchase of humane traps (about $500 for 10 traps)
    • insurance policy (varies/ if not already sufficiently covered)
    • target number of surgeries/vaccines @$45 each(?) (In Bridgeport we do about 400-500 surgeries a year - other towns may want to need to do more)

3. Sign contract, give grant, check all elements, keep up good communications

Alley Cat Allies: 202-667-3630 has huge amounts of information on all aspects of feral cat care. You may also visit their website at or The Feral Cat Coalition at

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